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King of Hearts by ColorMyWorldMine King of Hearts :iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 0 0 Untitled Poster by ColorMyWorldMine Untitled Poster :iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 3 3 In a Dream by ColorMyWorldMine In a Dream :iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 1 0 Love You by ColorMyWorldMine Love You :iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 1 2
Past Your Stereotypes
remember the name,
but I don't want the fame
the glitter and gold...
that isn't my game
I aim to open minds, open fire linguistics
I came to override common beliefs about this kid
the way some can judge
some can nudge me too far
you can't envelope what I am
because you think you know my scars
your diagnostic logic has got you lost
hop-scotched you past my borders
if you can't stop and think I'm more,
than you're the one with the disorders
:iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 0 0
Mature content
The Cat on Your Ceiling :iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 0 0
It's Okay... I'm Young
live life day to day until I'm dead
I know via a fortune cookie
"I have no idea" it read
contorted mornings
from system warnings
constricted to bed
wisdom has fled
I said im hungover
got run over
the poison's tread
young, not yet older
not quite sober
I hold cold ceramic instead
another flush
another day
another night
another May
its okay, im young
im used to it that way
:iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 0 0
Common Cents
There once was a girl
a pearl in her community
truely her blue eyes shined so beautifully
humor me
I'm trying to tell a story 'bout a crayon
in a box full of tan so that you can understand
damn, she met a man
a lot of money usually
used to be a clerk at a store selling jewelry
got married, but cupid, he...
wasnt part of the congruency
what's love anymore?
when you're poor seek out the currency
divorce rates are soaring
and that seems proof to me
but anyways, the girl
she got stressed, depressed, what have you
touched the blade to wrist
because she felt that she had to
headlights went from bright to sad blue
and pools of red grew until two in the afternoon
while her counterpart continued to stew over the Nasdaq
he could't have planned that
he couldn't have crayon'ed this
he'd come home and find his wife and crimson on his mattress
In short, here comes the moral to the story
money is something when you have to reach into the well
but glory keeps its distance when you fall victim
:iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 0 0
Dream Catcher
I try to morph my dreams
into reality
but dreams
they never seem to obey the laws of gravity
floating away
going astray
i just cant figure out how to stop it from happening
tried to climb the stairs to grab em back
put em in a nap sack for traveling
but when i finally reached out a grasping hand
somebody kicked the stairs out from under me
:iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 1 0
This Puddle's Getting Deeper
talk is cheap
and I'd say I've paid the price
so many late nights I've stayed up giving myself advice
I'd write twice as much as I do if it was a sinch
kinda like I'd lose twice as much if I were rich
but I'm not, in fact, I'm really quite poor
I can't even afford to eat out anymore
nickels and dimes are the only cents that I gave it
'cause common sense never beat me senseless with the statement
that you don't have to go to college to say that you've made it
you don't always have to keep your car on the pavement
there's other ways to get around in this town
but it's just too late to turn around now
turn the sound down
this puddle's gettin' deeper
if you can't swim don't walk where the pool's floor gets steeper
I've met several women thinkin' "this one's a keeper"
then they pulled the hood down and said "Hi, I'm the grim reaper"
it should have been a dead giveaway,
I mean that her skin was see through
'cause I could have been a friend anyway,
but our love wasn't true
you weren't the one
:iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 0 0
Use Your Head
I give my respects to nouns and verbs
but I like writing deeper than words
stir up the jury inside of your head
just to wake up the part of your brain that is dead
instead - of listening, you really should hear
understand that understanding is never done with an ear
realize that realizing isn't done with your eyes
does a bird fly south just by the look of the skies?
I'll try- to give you a map so that you can fly
use the machine in your head if you dare try
scarecrow, dont deny, that you have no mind
I'll be the wizard of Oz that you were trying to find
:iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 0 0
I peel the cap off the top of my pen
its been too long since I've serviced this engine
caught between liqour stores and binges
my life's an open door and I'm swingin from the hinges
bruises, sores, and quite a few stitches
the ups and downs, I'm tired of these ditches
been poor for too long,
but I dont want to be the richest
man around, I'll stand my ground
to be the last one on this planet
without a frown
calm down, we can find you a mask someplace
that way you can- hide your past-
we can have another smiling face-
come on and grin
I'd like to find a little nest to settle in
put the kickstand down on this bike I've been peddlin'
I've been a rook for too long
its time to be king
so I'll take my shoes off and start to sing
'cause even the birds know they dont belong with wings
they just strut and sing when the sun brings spring
I'll just cut to the end, grab the door and swing
I finally figured out how to shut that damn thing
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The Way I See It by ColorMyWorldMine The Way I See It :iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 0 0
Patterns of Passion's Song
chemicals peak
with every flower she speaks
hours are invisible
when our powers meet
towers laid down
above touching feet
heartbeats in unison
for the becoming of one
moon fighting sun
for the night's just begun
no light except sparks
from spirit and tongue
harmanizing patterns of passion's song that is sung
with every breath
from every lung
organizing matter of Saturn's rings that are hung
counter-balancing battles
that evil has won
:iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 0 1
Frog in Your Pan
you move me
turn by turn
you control me
yet still I burn
with a hope that I
could change you inside
but still I stay
right by your side
is it that
I can not learn?
or is it that
I have no concern?
so place me in
your metal pan
I'm a frog submerged
that should've ran
but still I lay
on a boiling verge
too long I've stayed
all consciousness purged
to my dismay
my death emerged
:iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 0 0
Follow You into the Dark by ColorMyWorldMine Follow You into the Dark :iconcolormyworldmine:ColorMyWorldMine 0 0


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United States
Cast plaster and paint faster
Because it's easier being free
I'm the master of my own canvas
And I'm on a coloring spree

Current Residence: Iowa, right next to that one cornfield
Favourite style of art: something thought provoking
MP3 player of choice: iPod


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